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As more and more people in a wide range of creative fields are being affected by the economic and social impacts of the Corona Virus, we are reaching out to creatives in the hopes that, by working together, we can dampen these impacts and weather the storm.

The premise behind the Print Alliance is simple: We utilize our printing abilities and your artistic abilities to create an edition of screen printed posters to sell. All profits from the sale would be split 50/50. A minimum of 25 prints would have to be sold to go to print.

If you are interested in participating, please email us:

To make these print releases as economical as possible, all designs must conform to the following standards:

--High resolution (300 dpi at least) scans/photographs of the print must be provided by the artist.
-- The max size of the poster would be 18 x 24 inches
-- The poster would be limited to 4 or less colors.
-- The poster will be printed on our in-house paper stock, Cougar 100# cover.
-- We will cover all costs associated with the printing of the piece. We do not charge for any pre-press that would be necessary to get the piece print ready.
-- All orders will be sold through our online store ( and we will take care of shipping the prints. We use super sturdy 3”/4” Yazoo tubes and ship prints via USPS.
-- All pieces must reach at least a quantity of 25 sold to be printed.
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